Lumbar Disk Disease

The vertebral column , or backbone, is fashioned from 33 vertebrae that are separated with the aid of spongy disks. The spine is split into four regions : Cervical backbone: the primary 7 vertebrae, located inside the neck; Thoracic backbone: next 12 vertebrae, positioned in the chest place; Lumbar backbone: subsequent five vertebrae, located within the decrease returned; Sacral backbone: rock bottom five vertebrae, placed below the waist, additionally consists of the 4 vertebrae that shape the tailbone (coccyx).

Lumbar disk ailment is caused by a change inside the structure of the traditional disk. Most of the time, disk disorder takes place as a results of aging and consequently the ordinary destroy down that takes place inside the disk. Sometimes, excessive harm can motive a conventional disk to herniate. harm also can reason an already herniated disk to get worse.


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